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Like many others, I came to this path from a place of suffering. It has transformed my life and brought me immense joy and acceptance. May my journey onward be for the benefit of all beings.

Yoga for Mental Health

What is Yoga? How can we use it to help cope with our depression, anxiety or stress disorders?
Having suffered from depression and epilepsy for over 20 years, yoga empowered me to enable space and calm in my life as well as acceptance.
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Kirtana comes from the heart, filled with devotion. If you have a longing for authentic Kirtan, empty your mind and sing.
The practice of Kirtana is a devotional, powerful and often, immediate way to bring Truth into your life. If you love to sing, this practice will open your Heart.
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The Yoga File

Find teachings from the authentic teachers that have inspired me on my path. There is a heap of FREE material!
This is a list of teachers and teachings that have empowered me along my path. If you are looking for authentic yoga, look here.
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