“The truth is that you are what you are seeking.”

– Adyashanti

My love for yoga was not gradual but rather sudden. After 20 years of intense depression, fuelled by a form of epilepsy, I was forced to give this whole “yoga thing” a try as an absolute last effort to accept life. Something wonderful happened in my third meditation class and since then, I’ve been on the journey towards truth and understanding.

My intention is to teach only that which I have interrogated, integrated and experienced through practice. As a result, I only teach what I know and the rest you can find in the Yoga File. Here you will find links to teachings that have impacted me in a variety of ways along this path. I hope these teachings will speak to your essence as they have to mine.

I practice non-dual Saiva Tantra and bring this core philosophy (and where appropriate the practices) into my teachings with vinyassa, kirtan and yoga techniques for mental health

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