“While chanting loudly the names of one’s beloved Lord, and one dances like a madman."

– (XI.2.40) Bhagavata Purana

I began my musical journey in school choirs and abusing a recorder. The high school garage band was inevitable and we enjoyed some national radio play before disbanding to head to college. After graduating from drama school, I began performing in musical theater combining song with my passion for acting. Music is that one constant which has never left my side. 

Singing for Truth is a practice that can take you all the way. No matter what you’re feeling, if you sit and sing mantras, with time, you’ll come closer to Truth. I like to pay attention to Silence throughout my practice, acknowledging its presence despite the sounds of devotion. The bhakta doesn’t seek liberation. Devotion to God is the ultimate gift!

I strive to remain as authentic to the original tradition of kirtan as possible, while singing and composing in the way I know how. Being a Tantrika, the significance of mantra is key in this practice and I love to share this approach to this practice with others. 


I hold workshops where we explore the origins of kirtana and how to chant effectively and authentically. Check out my upcoming events or send me a message.
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Join me at my next kirtan. Feel the various flavors of the Divine moving through you while embracing the Bhakta within!
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Occasionally I hold retreats where we explore the power of authentic Tantrik yoga combined with the energetic alignment of asana and of course, the wonder of bhakti and mantra.
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